WEBINAR: Regional Government

QUEBEC’S APPROACH TO REGIONAL GOVERNMENT: An Overview and Critical Reflections


Regional government models across Canada provide both challenges and opportunities for rural are-as. This webinar will discuss the regional county municipalities (RCM) model currently employed in Quebec. Panellists will give an overview of the RCM model including their history and details regard-ing roles, powers, governance, funding frameworks and relationships with the Quebec Government. Panellists will also discuss ways in which these RCMs have contributed to efficiency, democracy and citizen engagement, economic development and rural policy initiatives (along with much more!). 



Jean Dionne is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Regional Operations at the Québec Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupation. Jean holds a Master in Public Administration and a Master in Community Develop-ment.

Dr Bruno Jean is a Professor Émeritus at Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). He focused on the teaching of the sociology of development, environmental sciences, environment and society, methodology, rural development and local governance. He was involved in the design of Quebec National Rural Policy.

Craig Pollett is currently the CEO of Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, where he plays a leadership role in lobbying and advocacy, membership development and services as well as policy research and development. He at-tended Memorial University of Newfoundland (B.Com) and Dalhousie University ( MDE).

Dr Bill Reimer is a Professor Emeritus at Concordia University and Adjunct Professor at Brandon University. He has directed two major research policy networks related to rural and northern issues. Bill served as the Director for the Rural Policy Learning Commons, 2014-2017.

Dr Kelly Vodden is an Associate Research Professor at the Environmental Policy Institute and Division of Social Sciences at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University as well a Research Associate and Advisor to Municipalities to of Newfoundland and Labrador