NEAR Plan: North East Regional Plan

This may be the only chance in 20 years you get to take part in planning for the future of our region! 


We want to hear from everyone! The three activities on this page have been designed for all ages. We are circulating them to schools and teachers throughout the region, but anyone, of any age can submit entries to the activities. They can be submitted by emailing us at or tagging us on facebook, instagram, or twitter.

NEAR Plan is about the world your chidren will live in. The one you’ll retire in. Decisons made today will have a lasting footprint. And now is the time for you to have your voice heard.

Right now is when we are deciding how money will be spent, how land will be developed, what land will be protected, where roads, schools, parks will go, whether or not you will have public transportation in the next 20 years. Every part of this plan will greatly affect your every day life.

Now is the time for you to have your say so tell us what’s important to you.