Tool Kits

Municipal Construction Procurement Toolkit


Climate Change Tool kit

Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as those across Atlantic Canada, are vulnerable to climate change and need to prepare for its impacts. An important first step for communities is to assess how, where, and to what extent they are vulnerable. This assessment tool, 7 Steps to Assess Climate Change Vulnerability in Your Community is a step-by-step guide to help communities assess their vulnerability to climate change.


Crisis Communications Tool Kit

This guidebook is designed to help you develop a communications plan that will be a critical component of your community’s or organization’s overall emergency management plan.It includes step-by-step guides and templates for communities and first-responders.

Development Guides

  1. Public Infrastructure & Municipal Economic Development
  2. Municipalities and Regional Economic Development
  3. Land Use Planning & Municipal Economic Development
  4. Taxation & Municipal Economic
  5. Small Towns Big Industry


Economic Crisis Response Program

This toolkit is designed as a guide or roadmap for municipal councils facing economic vulnerability It provides a step-by-step guide to action for councils so they can manage the situation rather than letting it manage them.

Self Assessment Tool Kit

tool kit through which municipalities can evaluate the status of their financial and operational positions and determine for themselves their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver municipal services.

Maintenance Assurance Manual 

The Department of Municipal Affairs (MA) in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Conservation (ENVC) have developed templates to assist municipalities and Locals Service Districts with developing a Maintenance Assurance Manual (MAM) for drinking water and wastewater systems.